While our staff are available to provide seizure training for your organization, some training is offered online. The Epilepsy Foundation established training for multiple audiences to meet such demand. For further information about live training on-site, please contact our office.

Developed as a part of the School Nurse Training Program, the Epilepsy Foundation developed Seizure Training for School Personnel in response to the need for a consistent educational tool to help promote a positive social and educational environment for students living with seizures and epilepsy.
Classroom teachers, special education teachers, librarians, teacher assistants, school bus drivers, aides and other staff members or volunteers in grads K-12 can all benefit and can receive continuing education units.
The Epilepsy Foundation provides a kit with a CD-ROM which includes a facilitator’s guide, Power Point slides, information on continuing education units, and a DVD called Seizures in Schools: Understanding and Assisting Students With Epilepsy. You can also take the training online, e-mail our program manager, or call 1-800-332-1000 for more information.

Managing Students with Seizures is a continuing education training program designed to provide the school nurse with information, strategies and resources that will enable him/her to better manage the student with seizures by supporting positive treatment outcomes, maximizing educational and developmental opportunities, and ensuring a safe and supportive environment. The Managing Students with Seizures: A Training for School Nurses program is divided into three modules to assist the school nurse in learning to effectively manage seizures in a school environment. Nurses can earn the credits through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The School Nurse Training Program is a continuing education training program designed to provide school nurses with information, strategies and resources that will enable him/her to better manage students with seizures by:
Supporting positive treatment outcomes
Maximizing educational and developmental opportunities
Ensuring a safe and supportive environment
Visit this site to begin your training.

The Epilepsy Foundation has developed and tested a series of classroom programs, collectively known as “Take Charge,” that help students understand and support their classmates who live with epilepsy. “Seizures and You: Take Charge of the Facts” is the epilepsy awareness program for teens in high school. “Seizures and You: Take Charge of the Storm” is the epilepsy awareness program for middle school students ages 11-14. And “Take Charge of the Storm Jr.” is the epilepsy awareness program for elementary school aged children in grades K-5. Contact our office to learn how to bring these programs to your schools.

Seniors and seizures

Each year, close to 50,000 new cases of epilepsy occur in people age 60 and older. The Epilepsy Foundation’s “Seniors and Seizures Training” online training will lead to better care for older adults by equipping healthcare providers and caregivers with expertise on seizure recognition and response.

EMS / First Responder Training                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Epilepsy Foundation offers resources and training to help EMS better understand how to recognize and respond to someone having a seizure. This updated training, Emergency Medical Responders: From Seizure First Aid to Seizure Emergencies, aims to strengthen knowledge of EMS ability to respond to people during different types of seizures and during status epilepticus, a seizure emergency. The 2016 guidelines on treatment of convulsive status epilepticus from the American Epilepsy Society are included in this training.

Law Enforcement Training                                                                                                                                                                                                               Law enforcement and correctional officers may encounter people acting confused, having difficulty talking or understanding, or behaving inappropriately. There may be many causes of these symptoms, including seizures and epilepsy. Knowing how to recognize and respond to a person during a seizure is critical for all law enforcement officers. They also need to protect the rights of an individual having a seizure and understand the importance of consistent access to seizure medicines for persons with epilepsy.

Child Care Personnel                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Epilepsy Foundation’s “Seizure Training for Child Care Personnel” can help anyone who cares for or supervises young children learn about seizure first aid. The training kit includes a PowerPoint presentation and other parent resource materials, such as:

Through this program, we hope to dispel myths and reduce misunderstanding about epilepsy and seizures so young children stay safe and feel supported.